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Wi-Fi точка доступа Motorola AP-5181

Motorola AP-5181 фото
— производитель: Motorola (Моторола)
— модель: AP-5181
— Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11a/b/g
— 54 Мбит/с
— маршрутизатор
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул WF-13200

Описание и характеристики Motorola AP-5181

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Motorola's newest flagship devices try to experiement with Modular Smartphones and even a missing 3.5mm headphone Jack. How did the phone turn out? Find out by watching the video.
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0:31 - Hardware overview
0:37 - Night vision footage
2:01 - iPhone app demonstration
6:15 - Web app demonstration
8:39 - Conclusion and final thoughts
I've tried a bunch of these low-end WiFi surveillance cameras. This one is to date the best implementation at this price point but it's not perfect.
The camera supports 'HD' video at 1280x720, but that video is at a low framerate and heavily compressed even when viewing on a local network. All recording functions are pushed off to a cloud application from another company called Hubble, and most features will require an additional subscription. Pricing was not announced at the time I am writing this review.
The camera can be accessed via a web browser or an app that's available for iOS and Android. The Android app allows video to be recorded onto the Android phone or tablet along with still images, while the iPhone version can only capture stills. I found the interface to be better than all of the other cameras I've tried in this price range from Belkin and DLink. Set up was quick and the app worked reliably both in my home and off site.
The Hubble software will also record motion events to their cloud (provided you have a subscription) and will build a very nice timeline of every event the camera picks up. Events can be recorded based on motion, sound, and temperature. It is not possible to set motion detection zones so trees moving in the wind could set off false alarms. If you opt out of paying for a subscription you can still stream from the camera remotely and also receive push alerts on your mobile device when motion events take place.
I'm always weary of buying a product at a price comparable to competing products and then have to pay a subscription fee to unlock more features. It would be better if they either offered a limited free tier for recording surveillance events or provided an option for users to access the camera directly and use their own software for recording like Dlink does. In the case of the D-Link cameras they can record directly to the camera itself with an SD card, or offloaded to an FTP server. They even offer a mini-DVR device as well.
The bottom line? It's a good camera but it's slightly crippled by requiring a subscription fee to unlock its most useful features.
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Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ)

  • Какая комплектация Motorola AP-5181?
  • Как вернуть старую версию прошивки у Motorola AP-5181?
  • Не могу разобраться с инструкцией ( manual-motorola-ap-5181.zip), ошибка обновления, как бороться с этой проблемой?
  • Помогите, как настроить проброс портов в Motorola AP-5181?
  • Погуглил все модели Моторола, перечитал отзывы, но всё равно не могу определиться. Какой бюджетный маршрутизатор выбрать для домашней сети?
  • Как устранить самопроизвольные выключения?
  • Нужно починить один из портов Motorola AP-5181, ищу адекватный сервис в Челябинске. Цена ремонта?
  • Как обновить прошивку до последней версии?
  • Не могу найти драйвера для Motorola AP-5181 ( ap-5181_drv2014.zip)

Инструкции и обзор Motorola AP-5181

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