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— производитель: Skylink (Скайлинк)
— модель: Friend
— Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11g
— 54 Мбит/с
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул WF-15960

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Chad Johnson reviews the Skylink Net Alarm System Starter Kit.
For the full episode of Before You Buy, visit More Apple news:
‘HomeKit’ was announced over a year ago at WWDC 2014, but we've only seen one HomeKit-compatible smart gadget so far.
That doesn’t mean that there aren't a ton of iOS-enabled smart devices for your home, though, and one of those that interests me most is centred around home security. It's called the Skylink, and it allows me to monitor my home wherever I am in the world via my iPhone.
For just $149.99, plus $89.99 for a wireless indoor camera, the Skylink Alarm System Starter Kit includes all you need to make your home more secure, and to give yourself peace of mind. But is it any good? Let's find out!
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Instagram: This is the review for the Skylink Net SK-250 Wireless Security Starter Kit System
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Setup: To setup the unit for the first time, it was a simple process. Plug the unit into outlet, add an Ethernet cable, download the app and follow the instruction to add the hub. You will need to setup an account with Skylink for the first time, and each account can control many Hub at once (if you have multiple hub in same or different location).
Add Devices: Sensor is easy to add to system. Just a few steps. Some requires you to match the sensor together, other require you to press a button. Camera setup was similar, plug in the power, add the network cable for the first time, add via the app, where you can setup wifi and then after that you can remove the network cable. You can add battery to the hub, and run it in case of no power. Of course you can't check on it because chances are you probably don't have internet either. But it will still run he system and siren the alarm if it's trip.
Usage: The unit is quiet simple to use. Everything is control via the app. The security hub has 4 key which you can setup a 8 digit pin to reset the alarm if trip and also a button that you can press to arm the alarm. In my usage, I barely every touch the hub after the initial setup, everything was done via the App.
Most of the sensor seems to be very good. They rated these 600 ft in open space, but of course, a house is never anything but walls. One of my backdoor sensor, roughly about 60 feet away through many set of wall, sometime would get flaky, but after a relearn it seems to work much better.
The app is simple to use, you can add devices, set notification, enable/disable chime for each sensor. You can also set how they behave with alarm setting and even rename them something friendly. Pro tip: The Name cannot have space, it will freak out. App work pretty solid on iOS 8, I decided to go to beta 9 and a lot of my app has crash once in a while including this skylink app.
Camera quality seems about 720p! Once you select the camera, the app will hang while it load it, if it can't find the camera, your app will be hang for a good 10 seconds. So if you're accidentally hit the Camera icon, you have to wait at least 3-10 seconds.
On top some bad and improvement that could be made:
1) The home screen with all the sensor, they cannot be reorder. They show up in the order you add them and you're stuck with it.
2) The Chime Function, I wish there was option to pick different chime. For such a smart device, you would thing more choice of chime would be possible.
3) The If .. Then.. Is weak. For example. I can't set my camera to record when one of the other sensor goes off. This is the basic principal of simple automation seems lacking.
a) You can do stuff like Front door is open (sensor), turn on Ceiling Light (wall switch).
b) Main hub is in Panic mode (alarm), turn on ceiling light..etc
4) Sometime, the sensor would be stuck open. I clearly close my door but sometime it just show open. It's like the sensor send the signal to my security hub, and it got lost? Sensor can be flaky once in a while, relearn will be require and it seems to get better.
Overall for the values, it's not really that bad. You could have somebody comes to your house and install a smart security system with a few door sensor like this and it could cost you 500 bucks. Adding a 2-3 cameras, and a few more sensor and it goes up to a grand, and more complex setup will cost way more. This system will set you back about 200 bucks to start out. You get a hub, a key, 2 door sensor and 2 motion sensor. Not bad for the price. Each additional sensor will set you back 20-25 bucks so expanding is uber cheap. The wireless camera is about 90 bucks for the standard fix camera while the ptz camera was a lot more. Best of all it's easy to use and of course, no freaking monthly subscription.
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