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Гигабитная Wi-Fi точка доступа Belkin F9K1113

Belkin F9K1113 фото
— производитель: Belkin (Белкин)
— модель: F9K1113
— гигабитная Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
— 867 Мбит/с
— маршрутизатор
— коммутатор 4xLAN
— принт-сервер
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул WF-1848

Описание и характеристики Belkin F9K1113

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Buy it on Amazon - (affiliate link)
If you're a techie looking for something advanced to play with, look elsewhere. This is a basic router with a very 'consumer friendly' interface that is designed more for the general consumer market than for enthusiasts. That said, it does perform nicely and is a great way for the non-tech savvy to boost their wired and wireless network speeds without a lot of headaches and aggravation. Setup is simple and in plain english.
Parents will like that it can lock out specific devices from Internet access at certain times of the day. It also has a built in filtering feature to prevent going to adult websites and other sites that may have been compromised by malware.
It has four gigabit ethernet ports which will work better with network attached storage devices (NAS), it also supports dual band wireless AC for faster wireless speeds provided your wireless devices also support that networking standard. Many new devices do support AC, but other devices a year or more older do not. So check to make sure your computers and tablets will benefit from the speed boost prior to making the investment. On my iPad Air 2 the router was able to push about 450 megabits per second over the air which is pretty decent.
My only real concern is that it's doesn't have a password initially on its control panel nor does it really push the user to set one up. There should always be passwords on control panels and the router should be enforcing that.
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DISCLOSURE: I am a member of the Amazon Vine program and received this product to review on Amazon's site.Belkin N750 DB Wi-Fi Dual-Band N+ Gigabit Router Unboxing and Review. Decided it was time to upgrade to a dual band router. This Belkin router is great. Not much problems at all setting it up at all. For a sale price of $59.99 Canadian you can't go wrong. This model has been out now for a couple of years now so now you see a lot of them going on clearance. I got two 2TB hard drives connected to this router and they both works fine. One is a USB hard drive and the other is a network hard drive. Thanks for watching, and please subscribe for more Tech videos and reviews. Thanks.
The router is a bit cheaply made for the price, it is a DualBand Router which supports up to 665 Mbps.It has DLNA support, Parental Control, QOS as well as IPv6.
I wouldn't normally buy a Belkin Router since I had problems with a Wireless G router i used to own which would randomly loose internet connection but I found this router for $90 and it has 2 Years of manufacturer warranty. For an Wireless AC router i thought it was a steal.
Supports: Wireless a/b/g/n/ac
Dualband: 2.4 GHz as well as 5.0 GHz
1x WLAN Gigabit
4x LAN Gigabit
2x USB 2.0 ports
Find it here:
Belkin Wireless AC1800
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  • Погуглил все модели Белкин, перечитал отзывы, но всё равно не могу определиться. Какой бюджетный коммутатор выбрать для офиса?
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  • Не могу найти драйвера для Belkin F9K1113 ( f9k1113_XP_7_Vista.zip)

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