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Гигабитная Wi-Fi точка доступа D-link DHP-1565

D-link DHP-1565 фото
— производитель: D-link (Д-Линк)
— модель: DHP-1565
— гигабитная Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 300 Мбит/с
— маршрутизатор
— коммутатор 4xLAN
— принт-сервер
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул WF-5208

Описание и характеристики D-link DHP-1565

The DHP-W310AV Powerline AV+ Wireless N Mini Extender allows you to extend your existing home network to enjoy high-speed and reliable connectivity throughout your home. The Powerline AV+ Wireless N Mini Extender features both wireless and Powerline. This allows you to benefit from Powerline1 networking, compliant with the HomePlug AV standard, that uses your existing home electrical wiring to extend your home network. The wireless ability allows you to increase the area in your home where you can use your wireless devices.
Il D-Link PowerLine AV + ® Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-309AV) si estende la vostra rete di casa, trasformando il vostro impianto elettrico esistente in una rete potente. Facilmente aggiungere computer, computer portatili e sistemi di intrattenimento per la vostra rete cablata senza girare la vostra casa in un pasticcio cablata.
L'installazione non potrebbe essere più facile - basta collegare e connettere. Non c'è alcuna necessità di fori o cavi disordinati. E se si vuole costruire ulteriormente la rete, basterà collegarlo ulteriori adattatori. Il design compatto e piatto non blocca altri spina in una presa di corrente o sporgere dal muro. È perfetto per la conservazione dello spazio e capacità presa di corrente.
PowerLine AV + tecnologia massimizza le prestazioni per dare una velocità fino al 35% più veloce rispetto ai tradizionali adattatori PowerLine AV 200. Ottenere fino a 200Mbps velocità consegnato a qualsiasi presa di corrente in casa. Questo significa che è possibile guardare video, navigare in Internet o leggere la posta in luoghi dove non è possibile ottenere un buon segnale wireless. Inoltre, PowerLine AV + ti offre fino al 20% migliore copertura rispetto ai tradizionali adattatori PowerLine AV 200. Questo significa velocità elevate in tutta la casa.The D-Link® PowerLine AV + Mini Adapter Starter Kit (DHP-309AV) extends your home network by transforming your existing electrical system into a powerful network. Easily add computers, laptops and entertainment systems to your wired network without turning your home into a wired mess.
Setup couldn't be easier -- just plug and connect. There's no need for drilling holes or messy wiring. And if you want to build your network further, just plug and connect additional adapters. The compact and flat design doesn't block other plugs in an outlet or protrude from the wall. It's perfect for conserving space and power outlet capacity.
PowerLine AV + technology maximizes performance to give speeds up to 35% faster than conventional PowerLine AV 200 adapters. Get up to 200Mbps speed delivered to any outlet in your home. This means you can watch videos, surf the Web or catch up on email in spots where you can't get a good wireless signal. Plus, PowerLine AV+ gives you up to 20% better coverage than conventional PowerLine AV 200 adapters. This means fast speeds throughout your home.
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Whole-Home Network Coverage Over Your Home's Electrical Wiring
The D-Link Wireless N PowerLine Router (DHP-1320) works seamlessly with D-Link's PowerLine AV adapters (available separately) to extend your network to the farthest corners of your home using the electrical wiring already installed in your walls. Simply connect your router and plug it into a power outlet to turn every other power outlet in your home into a network connection - no drilling or messy cables required. Also, since it is compliant with the HomePlug AV standard, you can use it to extend an existing PowerLine network, or simply create a new one.

High Quality Performance
The DHP-1320 provides up to 200 Mbps over your electrical wiring - fast enough to stream HD video, support enhanced gaming and share large files from anywhere in your home.
The Convenience of Wi-Fi and PowerLine - All in One Place
The DHP-1320 is also a Wireless N 300 router that provides 300 Mbps wireless connectivity. By using D-Link's Wireless N technology, the DHP-1320 provides a significantly faster and farther-reaching wireless signal than outdated Wireless G routers. D-Link's Intelligent Antenna Technology makes use of your home's environment by bouncing multiple wireless signals off of walls and ceilings to work around obstructions and help eliminate dead spots. At the same time, you can use PowerLine in areas where a wired connection would be beneficial, like hard-to-reach areas in your home.Keep an eye on what you value most with the clarity and mobile control of D-Link's Cloud Camera 2200 surveillance solution. Download the exclusive mydlink app and monitor your home or business -- anywhere, anytime -- on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Experience the clarity of 720p HD quality and never miss a detail. And with integrated motion-sensing, automated email alerts, and night-vision technology, the Cloud Camera 2200 remains vigilant 24 hours a day, whether you're there or not. With easy DIY-installation, you'll have a premium home or business surveillance solution up and running in no time. And with its compact design, placement is flexible and easy.
With D-Link's free D-ViewCam software, you can monitor and manage up to 32 network cameras, all from a single computer screen. Quickly and easily turn your network into a full-fledged, personal surveillance system that gives you the ultimate performance in home or small-business monitoring and protection. Plus, with D-ViewCam, you can automatically record and playback video at your own convenience.
The Cloud Camera 2200 delivers the confidence of 720P HD video clarity, ensuring rich detail and crisp image quality for your surveillance recordings. And with integrated night-vision and PIR motion-sensing technology, the Cloud Camera 2200 remains vigilant 24 hours a day, whether you're there or not.
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  • Не могу разобраться с инструкцией ( manual-d-link-dhp-1565.zip), ошибка обновления, как бороться с этой проблемой?
  • Помогите, как перезагрузить D-link DHP-1565?
  • Погуглил все модели Д-Линк, перечитал отзывы, но всё равно не могу определиться. Какой бюджетный Wi-Fi адаптер выбрать для дома?
  • Как устранить самопроизвольные зависания?
  • Нужно заменить кнопку включения D-link DHP-1565, ищу адекватный сервис в Челябинске. Цена ремонта?
  • Как скачать и обновить прошивку до последней версии?
  • Не могу найти драйвера для D-link DHP-1565 ( dhp-1565_drv2014.zip)

Инструкции и обзор D-link DHP-1565

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