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Wi-Fi точка доступа Deliberant APC ECHO 5

Deliberant APC ECHO 5 фото
— производитель: Deliberant (Делиберант)
— модель: APC ECHO 5
— Wi-Fi точка доступа
— 802.11n
— 300 Мбит/с
— маршрутизатор
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул WF-6552

Описание и характеристики Deliberant APC ECHO 5

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LigoWave unleashes its highest capacity, license-free point to point wireless device with the release of the LigoPTP PRO series product line. Making use of ground breaking 2x2 MiMo technology, the LigoPTP 5-23/5-N PRO delivers real aggregate throughput capability of up to 220 Mbps (110 Mbps full-duplex) combined with high packets-per-second performance.
Main highlights:
- 220 Mbps of real throughput
- 60,000 PPS rate
- Proven and easy to use OS
- Auto-modulation, auto-channel and automatic transmit power control
- DFS 3 support
- Gigabit Ethernet port with 802.3af support
- Improved surge protection according IEC standards
- Professional articulating mounting bracket
- IP-67 standards compliant enclosure
- External OLED screen for antenna alignment and link testing
- WNMS (Wireless Network Management System) support
- Compatible with previous generation LigoPTP MiMo devices
Carrier-class point to wireless point devices for professionals operating in an unlicensed 5 GHz frequency band LigoPTP PRO equipment is available in two different options:
- with an integrated dual polarized 23 dBi antenna
- with external end connectors for your own antenna.
Real capacity of the new equipment is 200 Mbps. And that's not datarate, that's real throughput. A high packet per second rate up to 65000 makes the new devices ideal for video surveillance and voice over IP applications.
A Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.3af standard support make the Pro Series product line even more flexible allowing a synchronous capacity by eliminating the 100 Mbps Bottleneck on a standard 100 Base-T Ethernet port. 802.3af standard support allows powering new equipment with standard PoE switches. For data transmission, LigoPTP PRO devices use our proprietary WJet MiMo2 protocol which is designed specifically for point to point wireless applications. WJet MiMo2 protocol allows stable operation of the link even in areas with a lot of interference. Auto-modulation and auto-channel functionality make the deployment of the link as easy as 1-2-3 allowing quick optimization of the link
during installation for maximum performance. LigoPTP equipment also has an integrated spectrum analyzer which shows real time noise levels in the unlicensed 5GHz band allowing selection of the best channel for your operation. Besides being technologically advanced, the new LigoPTP Pro Series products have an IP-67 standards rated enclosure which makes them really weather proof against harsh weather conditions.
An integrated surge protectors built according to IEC 61000-4-2/5 standards adding additional protection against voltage surges and lightning strikes to devices deployed in the field. Professional mounting bracket makes antenna alignment easy and precise. In addition, the unit can be installed on the wall or on a pole without buying any additional hardware. Our unique organic OLED screen is the easiest way of deploying a link without carrying your laptop on the tower for antenna alignment and testing. It shows both local and remote side RSSI levels. After aligning the antenna you can also run a link test, review basic configuration, reset the unit to defaults or reboot it using the same OLED screen. The screen can also be locked with a customizable pin code. The new LigoPTP Pro model is also compatible with our free wireless network management system which is available for multiple operating systems including Windows and Linux. Download it from our website
Contact your distributor today to get your new LigoPTP Pro equipment.Deliberant CEO Bill Brown showcases the Echo 5 and some of the company's other wireless broadband communication products.
The APC Propeller 2/5 is a new generation wireless device designed for client and small scale base station applications. It has a patent pending rotational mechanism to do mechanical antenna parameter shifting in order to achieve the best performance in different operating environments.
This product is equipped with a high output power MIMO radio; up to 28 dBm in the 5 GHz model and up to 23 dBm in the 2.4 GHz model. The Propeller 5 has a 15 dBi dual-polarized antenna and the Propeller 2 has an 11 dBi dual-polarized antenna, making them ideal for short to medium range wireless communication.
These new devices include our Dual Firmware Image that allows safe software upgrades. The device will restart using the prior firmware in the event of an upgrade failure.
The APC Propeller 2/5 use an advanced, feature-rich operating system which supports bridge/router and repeater modes (repeater mode allows the product to operate as an access point and as a station at the same time). The Deliberant OS also supports iPoll - proprietary wireless communication technology to increase throughput, packet per second rate and stabilize latency on your network. It has a user-friendly Adobe Flex based GUI with instant reconfiguration without a reboot, includes useful installation tools (site survey, delayed reboot, spectrum analyzer, ping, traceroute) and is compatible with our standalone and cloud based Wireless Network Management System (WNMS) - one of the most advanced management tools on the market.This video shows how to configure deliberant radio in client mode...Подробнее о Deliberant APC 2M-90 -
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