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Bluetooth+Wi-Fi адаптер Intel 2230BNHMW

Intel 2230BNHMW фото
— производитель: Intel (Интел)
— модель: 2230BNHMW
— Bluetooth+Wi-Fi адаптер
— mini PCI-E
— 802.11n
— Bluetooth 4.0
— 300 Мбит/с
— в наличии
— гарантия 12 месяцев
— артикул WF-10620

Описание и характеристики Intel 2230BNHMW

HP ENVY 15-1050NR 15.6-Inch Laptop
I have had the Envy 15 for over three months and have enjoyed almost every minute of it. I have been very pleased with its performance and ease of use. The processor is simply amazing, the video card is more than enough for my needs, and the screen is the best I've seen in a laptop. I consider myself a pretty heavy user, often running more than 150 processes at a time, and rarely feel any lag. For the power you get, the size and weight are pretty impressive. The laptop does get warm when under heavy use, as is to be expected with a quad-core machine, but its quiet, effective cooling system does a great job of keeping the system within acceptable/tolerable temperature limits.
The drawbacks, as I expected, relate to its battery power. The processor is restricted to a "Low Frequency Mode" when running on battery power, which for the i7-720QM limits the processor speed to 931 MHz per core. This results in a noticeable difference when doing anything more than simple tasks such as reading e-mail or browsing the web while running on battery power. Despite this restriction, the battery life still isn't very impressive. Under normal use, it runs for just under two hours; under heavy use (3D gaming or streaming HD video), it only runs for about an hour on a charge.
In short, if you find yourself near a plug most of the time.........................
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This video and its eventual successor were both edited and rendered using the laptop shown IN the videos.... In 1 hour and 19 minutes. Such a feat would have been impossible for the old CPU! I am so satisfied :)

In the day since installing the CPU, I have discovered that its average CPU temperature is easily 15F degrees cooler than my old CPU at idle... 96F!

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Часто задаваемые вопросы (FAQ)

  • Какая комплектация Intel 2230BNHMW?
  • Как вернуть старую версию прошивки у Intel 2230BNHMW?
  • Не могу разобраться с инструкцией ( manual-intel-2230bnhmw.zip), ошибка обновления, как бороться с этой проблемой?
  • Помогите, как сбросить к заводским настройкам Intel 2230BNHMW?
  • Погуглил все модели Интел, перечитал отзывы, но всё равно не могу определиться. Какой бюджетный свич выбрать для небольшого офиса?
  • Как устранить самопроизвольные ребуты?
  • Нужно отремонтировать разъем питания Intel 2230BNHMW, ищу адекватный сервис в Киеве. Цена ремонта?
  • Как обновить программное обеспечение до последней версии?
  • Не могу найти драйвера для Intel 2230BNHMW ( 2230bnhmw_smartdriver.zip)

Инструкции и обзор Intel 2230BNHMW

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